Music & Health

The HfM Würzburg attaches great importance to musicians' health and musician's medicine. This is because physical and mental well-being are prerequisites for the development of musical potential and for successfully mastering one's studies and musical profession.

The area of 'Music & Health' serves to

  • to sensitize our students to the health aspects of instrumental playing and singing
  • to convey the physiological and psychological interrelationships of musical learning
  • the strengthening of own resources
  • the prevention of physical and psychological overloads
  • individual attention in the case of musician-medical complaints, music-physiological questions or mental stress.

The students will be professionally accompanied according to music-medical, training-scientific, body-pedagogical and psychological aspects. In addition, recognized relaxation techniques and methods of performance training are taught.

For this purpose, there is a wide range of physiologically and psychologically oriented courses, body-practical courses and individual work, as well as individual medical and psychological consultations.

If necessary, health care is continued by doctors, physiotherapists, and psychotherapists in the musician-medical network of Würzburg and the region.

Teaching and consulting services in the winter semester 2022/23

In the semester brochure for the winter semester 2022/23 (as of 12.12.2022) you will find the current teaching and consulting offers of the University of Music Würzburg as well as further information.

Special note: The block seminars Experience breath as the basis for sound and voicewill take place in January / February 2023.